The Story

Once upon a time where pirates ruled the great seas, a legendary tale was born.
Three heroes rise up to become one of the greatest pirate legends. They were known as ChocoHunters. They hunt for a legendary treasure. The lore of an imaginary land.

Become one of these heroes and conquer the world of ChocoHunters.
Experience great adventures and try to become the greatest ChocoHunter of all times.

The Hunt is on.

A Game of ChocoHunters

ChocoHunters is a defensive ShootEmUp action adventure. Survive and challenge your enemies by dodging and even repelling their shots. Survive the deadly traps and fearsome enemies to reach your ultimate goal. Discover the Secret of Death Island. Try to collect as much chocolate and gold to discover all secrets and mysteries.



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The Gameplay

In ChocoHunters you are in control of a Hero. You maneuver on a chocolate river and try to collect chocolate and gold.
You must survive fearsome enemies and traps to reach your ultimate goal.
The player has three Heart containers. If all hearts are depleted, the player will die.
Also in the top right corner the amount of chocolates and his gold are shown.

Protect yourself

Try to protect yourself from incoming projectiles. If your timing is right you can repel most types of projectiles and throw them back to your enemy.


Here are some tips which will help you on your journey.

The Bag

Always begin your journey with
a full bag!                                    

Supply yourself in the shop with
items which can help you           
on your journey.                         


Beware of drowning!

If you leave the screen at the bottom you will drown after a few seconds.


Try to collect gold and valuables and as much chocolate as you can. 
Buy useful items in the shop with your hard earned goldcoins.
Chocolates are the key to reveal secrets and treasures.



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Tales of the past:

Flint's past is mysterious. His parents died when he was still a child. Rumours say, he has a famous heritage. He grew up under pirates and is a well-known adventurer. Flint is respected for his courage and his fearless acting. He is also the leader and captain of the ChocoHunters Team.


ChocoHunters is out now and available on the following platforms:


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