The Game

The Story

In a world where pirates ruled the great seas, and chocolate was more valuable than gold,
a legendary tale was born. Three heroes rise up to become one of the greatest pirate
legends of their time. They were known as ChocoHunters.
They hunt for a legendary treasure. The lore of an imaginary land.

Become one of these heroes and conquer the world of ChocoHunters.
Experience great adventures and try to become the greatest ChocoHunter of all times.

The Hunt is on.

A Game of ChocoHunters

In ChocoHunters you will choose one of the three heroes to embark on an epic adventure in the age of pirates. Each hero will have his own individual motivation and background for the journey. Each hero will experience their own story and ending and in the end the player will reveal the secret of this adventure.

Join our heroes on their challenging journey. You must overcome horrible traps, evil temptations, Boss fights and puzzles along your journey. On your dangerous adventure, you will also meet many different characters. Some will help you others will try to trick you.


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Game music

Main Theme

Dueling Spirits

Trap Master
How to Play

The Gameplay

ChocoHunters will be a defensive ShootEmUp action adventure. Repel enemy attacks with your paddle while you make your way through the river. Later in the game you will find various kinds of weapons and gadgets which will help you on your adventure.

Protect yourself

Try to protect yourself from incoming projectiles. If your timing is right you can repel most types of projectiles and throw them back to your enemy.



Here are some tipps which will help you on your journey.

The Bag
Always begin your journey with
a full bag!

Supply yourself in the shop with
items which can help you on your
Beware of drowning!

If you leave the screen at the bottom you will drown after a few seconds.
Try to collect gold and valuables and as much chocolate as you can.

Buy useful items in the shop for your hard earned goldcoins.

Chocolates are key to reveal
secrets and treasures.

Select character:

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Tales of the Past:

Flint's past is mysterious. His parents died when he was still a child. Rumours say, he has a famous heritage. He grew up under pirates and is a well-known adventurer. Flint is respected for his courage and his fearless acting. He is also the leader and captain of the ChocoHunters Team.

Tales of the Past:

Abu grew up in poverty. All of his life he was struggling to survive. But his strong will and survival instincts led him to become a famous merchant. He was also a member of the crew of the great admiral "Dragut". His knowledge of the treacherous pirate seas is unmatched. On one of his journeys he met Flint. They become best friends and build an alliance.

Tales of the Past:

Lilly grew up in a noble family. But living a life in comfort and wealth is not what she wanted. Just once in her life she wanted to get involved in a great adventure. She decided to leave her home and become a famous pirate. She met up with Flint and Abu and they became friends for life.

Tales of the Past:

Escar is a pitiable person. Once he was sold as a slave to an evil pirate captain. All of his life he served as a slave. But on one day he put all his courage together and escaped his masters. From this day on he wanders the great seas and tries to warn every sailor from the dangers of the seas.

Tales of the Past:

Griffon likes to hide in the shadows. Not much is known about him. Some even say he sold his soul to the devil to get wealthy. He travels the seas in search for valuable items. Although he is so rich he still runs a shop to become even more wealthy.

Tales of the Past:

A legendary ronin and formidable captain. He is a very respected and fair man. Akira was one of the finest captains in the fleet of the great admiral "Dragut". He is also one of the 47 ronins who wants to revenge their lord who was humiliated by an evil warlord named Kira. Something seems to worry him lately. It is told by many merchants that he is plundering careless sailors lately. Every one know that this is not his nature. Maybe he is forced by someone or something?

Tales of the Past:

There are only rumors about this terrible creature. No sailor or pirate who encountered this creature could tell its story. They say his cry alone could frighten the bravest man. He has a big secret. However, there is little hope that someone can reveal his secret.

Tales of the Past:

An evil Pirate captain who does not care about loyality and fairness. He wants to enslave everyone and plunder everything. His hunger for bounty is only matched by his bloodthirst and his desire to enslave the needy. Someone needs to stop him.

Tales of the Past:

The two Mongol brothers Mago and Mauci. These two blood brothers share an incredible bond since their childhood. Fueled with anger and desperation these two warriors departed from their horde to rescue their families who were kidnapped by an evil pirate king. Mago is an excelent lancer who is one of the bravest officers the horde has to offer. Mauci is a legendary skilled archer. It is said that he once hit a target 500 yards away. They fight like one body.

Tales of the Past:

Gnobe is a well known outlaw and bounty hunter. He is loyal to his master and obsessed with traps. He has always a plan B. Just in case.

Tales of the Past:

A mighty magician and sorcerer. Once upon a time he was a king among kings. His arrogance grew so high that he even thought he is a god among men. It is said that he was cursed for beeing arrogant and claiming to be a god among humans. He drowned in the ocean and in his last minutes before death he made a pact with a mighty demon. Now his powers seems to be limitless.

Tales of the Past:

Dragut the legendary admiral. He fought many sea battles and was a formidable sailor who sailed to the border of the known world. He suddenly disappeared in a mission to rescue his lost crew on a mystical island far away. Maybe one day someone will try to find him.

Tales of the Past:

This Character is still unknown.
He will be revealed soon.
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